Citrus Twist Pocket Life April kit faves

Hey, folks! I just wanted to put up a quick post about my favorites from the Citrus Twist April Pocket Life kit, Santorini. It arrived today and I was extra-much looking forward to it because of all the bright colors I saw in the preview!

Hands down, my favorite part of the kit are these little stars! I love an embellishment with a punch and these little guys are so pretty and fairly thick (though small) they really add interest and texture and depth to a page. Plus, I LOVE that teal color!

These are my favorite papers and journal cards. I am so impressed with CT that they included some black in this kit. I love the club (it's a great value and the colors are awesome!) but my one gripe was that everything was so pastel and washed out, that's not *exactly* my style. So the dark colors in this kit show me that that won't be the case forever and I am just so pleased! I don't love the saying on it, but I will figure out a way to use it! I don't let "literal" stand in my way!

Also, these papers are exclusive to CT. I never really put much stock in "exclusive" papers because I wasn't the brand-lover I am starting to become, but it gives me real squees to be able to say these are "exclusive!" So that's a fun!

A feature I've always loved about CT is their woodchips. They include wood (or cork) in every kit and I love the natural texture these give. I also think I read somewhere that they are responsibly sourced and made in the U.S.A. so that feels good, too! 

These puffy stickers are another EXCLUSIVE item! they're also designed for CT by Pinkfresh, a brand that seems to be everywhere these days. When I first started getting CT kits I did not get why puffy stickers were included each month. It sounds so cheesy, doesn't it? Like something a child would play with. I mean "stickers" does too, but add "puffy" and we're firmly in kindergarten class! HOWEVER, once I used them I TOTALLY got it! I'm a puffy sticker convert! They add dimension and texture, which we've already established I love, and the coordinated colors really help bring together a layout if you're struggling for cohesion. So, I LOVE these! And look at all of them! Always bringing the value!

The stamps are also an awesome staple of CT kits. I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating, each month the stamps say different things, but they still coordinate with each other in the same sizes and fonts. I love that I can mix and match! Every month, I read the stamps and I think where the heck am I gonna use that?!" but I always find a place. I guess the designers know better than I do! I will say, though, that I watched a process video of one of the design team members and she was using a different stamp set than I got. But that's cool- mine matches the kit on the website and that's what's important!

Another thing I really like about CT is the cut apart they provide every month. The colors coordinate really well. You can use the words to add some embellishing and the labels are great for journaling or layering on some stamps. I posted the trick I use to cut out the corners of the labels just right!

So that's it for my faves this month! Obviously the kit has plenty more, but I just picked out my absolute faves. I am such a CT fan girl and am so happy with this kit!

Do you also get CT kits? What's your favorite item?


  1. love this kit..and the stars are awesome

  2. The woodchips and puffy stickers are gorgeous.

  3. Oh the color scheme is perfect! And those stars? LOVE!

  4. You are making me want this kit! Oh the stars, wood pieces, and puffy stickers need to come home to me.

  5. Puffy stickers. So much want. LOL.


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